I am Franceen The Super Queen "New Female Artist!"

Franceen The Super Queen was born July, 15th, on a hot summer day in a small apartment in Georgia. Franceen The Super Queen was delivered by her Brother visting from California, which was the start of of her unique life.  Franceen became a Great Aunt at the age of 4, and was the last of 10 in a two parent home of an older Preacher 86 and a retired Nurse 74. Franceen The Super Quen had written poems since Elementary and was the leader of her" Middle School Step Team," when she discoverd her love for entertaining. Franceen always noticed she was never made to fit in, but STAND OUT!  In 2016, Franceen The Super Queen came up the brilliant Tradmart "Be a Trend. Not Blend." When Franceen The Super Queen was introduced to her love for music again in, December 2014 when God gave her the vision to go to the Rapper "Gatez OG," and he gave her the mic, to create "Franceen The Super Queen ."   

Word From Franceen: "I have produced and witten songs across a wide range of subjects and styles: from Rap to R&B to POP, and Country which are completely original pieces, and each required different thoughts and styles. All I ask is listen to my music and watch you'll soon become a "Franceen Fan!"  I Appreciate everyone who's with me and pray God protect me from who is against me. In the name of Jesus Franceen "The Super Queen" will be known as a brand worldwide!! So support!!
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